"What one man can invent, another can discover."
Sherlock Holmes


Clues For You...

  A woman came to my office and put a sports bag down in the middle of my desk. She looked like a person with a mission - very intense.

"My husband is cheating and I want to know who it is!" she blurted out. "Why are you so sure?" I asked.

"My husband says three times a week he is going to the gym! He's lying!" she said. "How do you know?" was my next question.

"Well, he said he was going to start there three months ago. Every time he was going, I'd put a little piece of paper in the toe of his sneakers," she ripped open the sports bag as she spoke. Suddenly little pieces of paper were flying all over my desk as she pulled them out of the shoes and threw them in the air! "There's so much paper in here right now he couldn't get these sneakers on if he tried! He says I'm crazy. I want her name."


There's an old saying, "When you think it's wrong, you're probably right." I like to earn my fee, but often I find myself discouraging clients in some personal relationship matters. Investigations are expensive. I suggest you look for the money, more than who they're with! Often I believe we already know the answers we're seeking. We just feel we need that report or picture to prove we aren't crazy. Have faith. You're probably not crazy...but if you still need proof, or want to track the money, call me.

When it doesn't seem right....

Here are some things you can look for yourself, where it's a spouse or friend you're unsure about, before you seek professional help:


Background checks...


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