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Q. How long does the average investigation take?

A. It varies with each case. Some assignments are completed in a few hours and others can take months. A criminal investigation is usually the most time consuming. Databank checks for backgrounds, etc. are returned the same day. A lifestyle investigation should be conducted over at least 5 days. We try to establish patterns of behavior to target the time we would be most successful. This helps to keep costs down.

Q. What could I do to help a case?

A. Provide pictures, and as much information as you can gather yourself such as license plate information, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers. If it is an employment background - get a signed application with information listed to check. Landlords should also have some prospective tenant information available such as SS numbers.

Q. Can I go on surveillance?

A. No.

Q. What is "free consultation"?

A. You can call us and speak on the phone or visit the office for a free consultation by appointment. An office or phone consultation without charge is limited to a maximum of one hour.

Q. How do I pay you?

A. In full - in advance of service. We sell information that can't be "returned" or used by anyone but the client. We are paid for the attempt to gather information. We can't guarantee certain behavior on the part of a person under surveillance, or find a person with incorrect information supplied to us. There are no guarantees made that a client will receive the exact result they wish.

Q. Do you take credit cards?

A. No. We take checks, bank transfers, money orders and cash.

Q. Do you testify in court?

A. Yes. The client is charged for a minimum of 8 hours if a court appearance is needed. We can also provide expert witness testimony such as ballistics, billed at an individual project fee.

Q. What are billable expenses?

A. We charge 35 cents per mile for surveillance, plus any toll and parking expenses. Fees for documents, film and development and gratuities for information are billable. If we are required to travel all airfare, hotel, land transportation and meals are deemed expenses. Expenses are clearly stated in our client agreement and are approved prior to investigation.

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Revised: March 01, 2007 .